Katire is inspired by contraries. Contraries which are reflecting in Estonian Nordic nature, in the beauty & darkness of nature and in simplicity & tenderness. However, at the same time it reflects strength and rumbustious. This comes back in the Linen, which is natural, innocent and indicate simplicity as being unprocessed, it reflects rumbustious and is far from being soft or gentle, so it is sustainable. As the other side of the contraries is reflected in the decorations which main keywords are lace, fragile, romantic fabrics and cutely detailed. The combination of those contraries is making Katire.

Katire is an estonian company creating
qualitative handcrafted products.

Katire is a symbol of creativity, uniqueness & love
for nature by producing environmental friendly
handcrafted products.

Our mission is to give our customers
comfortable and qualitative products to carry around.

Katire aims to be innovative and always surprising
with unique and qualitative handcrafted products.