Katire is an Estonian company creating handcrafted bags made of natural linen.


Katire aims to be innovative and always surprising its customers with various, unique and qualitative handcrafted products.



Once upon a time there was a lady. That lady went often to the grocery store like every one of us. Every time she went, she took a plastic bag with her in order to not buy it again from the store, because she always felt bad when she forgot to bring one. As the society was polluting the environment at that time. So, one day she had enough and she started to wish. She wished that she could have a reusable bag which would be big enough to fit groceries and other necessary things, as well in being strong and sustainable, it would fit with various dresses but also with ski pants. Eventually, it would still be beautiful and eye-catching. As that lady loved handcrafted products and she was also talented in it. She decided to create that bag on her own because it seemed that no other stores or sellers would provide something like that, which would satisfy her needs. So, she created a bag. And then one more. And then couple of them extra. And then Katire was created.