General information

Katire fabric handbags are made of 100% unprocessed linen which makes the products durable and long-lasting. Our inspiration drives from natural rough linen combined with romantic and gentle fabrics which are decorated with small details. Katire bags are incredibly practical as they can fit a lot of objects.

Although originally Katire bags were made as shopping bags but now our mission is to give our customers a free will to use it wherever they are going and whenever they have the need for an unique and eye-catching tote bag.


The outside print is at the same time a pocket. Measurements are 50*36 cm. Weight 0,3 kg.

The button on the bag is handcrafted with clay.

All our products are handmade in Estonia.


Additional information 

We recommend to wash Katire bags by hand. Ironing should be avoided as it can break the fibres.